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Engineered power solutions.

Empowering excellence
with Minetek Power.

For almost 40 years, Minetek has delivered innovative, engineering and technology solutions to industrial leaders across the globe.

With an unparalleled commitment to quality and customer service, Minetek Power compliments our proven capabilities in delivering market-leading Air, Water and Sound solutions to mining, commercial and other industrial sectors.

From a wide range of motor starter ancillaries, through to complete distribution, switchroom and substation capabilities, Minetek Power can supply engineered power solutions to support safe, reliable operations in the most challenging of industrial environments on the planet.


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Are you seeking reliable power solutions that can withstand the toughest conditions? Look no further than Minetek Power, your trusted partner in engineered power solutions.

Our Capabilities

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Fan Starters, Pump Starters, Jumbo Starters, Distribution Boards, Electrical Switchboards, Switchrooms, Substations and other custom power requirements. 

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Substations & Transformers.

Combining Minetek Power's full electrical infrastructure capabilities, Minetek Substations provide control of operation-critical industrial power generation, transmission and distribution systems.

With specialist expertise in hard rock mining, our solutions can be quickly deployed to step down power supply into operational voltage, providing safe and reliable management of power across the entire site.

Features & Specifications.

  • HV, MV and LV
  • Standalone, skid or containerised


Minetek Power Switchrooms have been developed to house critical electrical infrastructure in industrial settings and are available in 10, 20 and 40 foot configurations.

Complete with air conditioning to maintain optimum equipment life and operator comfort, Minetek Power Switchrooms can be provided with electrical install, emergency exit and a variety of optional safety features.

With push bar doors, a durable plated floor and fire retardant insulation panels, Minetek switchrooms can be rapidly deployed to a wide range of industrial, commercial, mining, materials processing and defence project settings.

Features & Specifications.

  • 10, 20 or 40 foot configuration
  • Suitable sized air conditioning
  • Electrical install with emergency exit
  • Push bar doors
  • Durable plated floor
  • Fire retardant insulation panels
  • Optional safety features

Fan Starters.

Designed specifically for harsh underground mining environments, Minetek Power Fan Starters provide safe, reliable protection and control of ventilation operations, including secondary, booster and auxilliary fans. Complete with a rugged, impact-resistant cabinet design, which can be mounted or installed in a hang frame, Minetek Power Fans Starters provide peace of mind for underground operators.

Features & Specifications.

  • 415V to 1000V
  • 55kW to 1100kW
  • Automation included
  • Optional soft starter
  • Direct, online and VSD
  • Mounting or hang frame
  • Tailored up to Form 4
  • Optional control voltage 24DC

Pump Starters.

Minetek Power Pump Starters enable reliable and efficient operation of pumps in a range of industrial settings, including underground mining operations.

Designed to reduce the load on high-demand pump motors, Minetek Power Pump Starters can extend the life of costly pump components and reduce the risk of costly outages and downtime impacts.

With a rugged, impact-resistant cabinet design, which can be mounted or installed in a hang frame, Minetek Power Pump Starters empower excellence in operations.

Features & Specifications.

  • 415V to 1000V
  • 55kW to 1100kW
  • Automation included
  • Customised for multiple pumps
  • Optional soft starter
  • Direct, online and VSD
  • Mounting or hang frame
  • Tailored up to Form 4
  • Optional control voltage 24DC

Electrical Switchboards.

Minetek Power Electrrical Switchboards, safely receive primary power supplies and feed to downstream applications in a variety of industrial applications.

Featuring an AS61439 tested, modular design, and ingress protection up to IP66, these electrical switchboards can be installed in a standalone orientation, or for mobile applications in skid mount and containerised deployment.

With an optional stainless steel design, Minetek Power Electrical Switchboards are proven to empower excellence.

Features & Specifications.

  • 415V to 1000V
  • AS61439 tested modular design
  • Up to 1p66, FORM 4 and 63KA
  • Standalone, skid or containerised
  • Optional stainless steel design

Distribution Boards.

Minetek Power Distribution Boards are designed to house a range of critical high and low voltage infrastructure and can be configured in standalone, skid or frame mounted options for use in variety of applications.

A key component of any electrical supply solution, Minetek Power Distribution Boards can be designed to control the power feed to multiple secondary and subsidiary circuits and can be used in a wide range of commercial and industrial installations

Features & Specifications.

  • 415V to 1000V
  • Automation included
  • Standalone, skid or frame mounted
  • Tailored up to Form 4 and 63KA

Minetek Drill Starter

Jumbo Starters.

Designed to operate in the most challenging underground settings, including hard rock mining and tunnelling applications, Minetek Power Jumbo Starters provide industry leading motor control and electrical protection to safely start heavy drilling equipment.

Encased in an impact-resistant cabinet, Minetek Power Jumbo Starters can be configured using push button start or integrated into the automation layer of

Features & Specifications.

  • 415V to 1000V
  • Push button start or automation provided

Project Management.

Trust our experienced team to oversee every aspect of your power solution implementation, ensuring seamless integration and timely delivery.

Engineering Services.

Leverage our engineering expertise to customise solutions tailored to your unique requirements. From design to drafting, we provide meticulous attention to detail.


Streamline your operations and increase productivity with our automation solutions designed to optimise power control and monitoring.

Let's talk about your next electrical project.

Minetek Power is proven in providing industrial and mining operations with integrated electrical and control solutions enabling safe, compliant and profitable operations for the future.

Through our highly trained and experienced team of electrical engineers, designers, operators and managers, Minetek provides our clients with a complete end-to-end solution that delivers both performance and reliability. 

From strategic consultation to design development to project management through to commissioning Minetek ensures that the result of every project meets the highest standards of regulatory compliance and operational excellence.